Tuscan Olive Oil Roads

tuscan olive oil roads

On the Tuscan Olive Oil Roads, you will experience a unique sensorial experience.

The Tuscan Extra Virgin olive oil, a high quality product, characterized by a pungent, fruity yet sometimes spicy flavor. It is simply the Green Gold of this region.

The favorable climate and fertile soils make the extra virgin olive oil produced in Tuscany one of the most appreciated products in Italy and worldwide.

The Olive Oil Roads in Tuscany touches landscapes of vineyards and olive plants, where you can stop to experience food tasting and to visit interesting historical places. These routes will lead you to enjoy the wild authentic Tuscany, far from the classic touristic routes, reaching different olive oil production lands: from Florence to the Pisan mountains, from Lucca hills to the olive groves in the province of Grosseto.

The best time to experience an itinerary along the Tuscan Olive Oil Roads is the month of November, when the harvest and pressing process take place. In this period, many villages celebrate the new olive oil with dedicated festivals. In particular, the Tuscan Maremma area is rich of these events, hosted in its characteristic villages: BatignanoScansanoCivitella MarittimaArcidossoCastel del PianoCinigianoSeggiano.

When exploring the Olive Oil Road, in the area of Monte Amiata, you will cross the Wine Route; do not miss to also enjoy other prestigious local products such as Montecucco DOC wine, DOP pecorino cheese, truffles, mushrooms and saffron. Additionally, when close to Seggiano, take the opportunity to have a guided tour at Museo dell’Olio Diffuso, tasting different selections of Olivastra Seggianese olive oils.

Continuing your journey on the Olive Oil Road in the Tuscan Maremma, you can stop in Pitigliano and Semproniano, before proceed towards Magliano in Toscana; here a short stopover to take a picture at the oldest olive tree in Europe, the Olive Tree of the Witch, is a must; it is a monumental tree around which it is said that, in the Middle Ages, witches gathered.

Then your journey can point at the north part of Tuscan Maremma, visiting CapalbioGavorranoMassa Marittima and Roccastrada, where you can taste traditional dishes prepared with the finest olive oil: acquacotta, tortelli maremmani, ribollita, fagioli all’uccelletta and “fettunta”, a roasted bread slice with extra virgin olive oil.

Fettunta is perfect to taste with the new olive oil. How to prepare it? It is very simply! You just need some good Tuscan homemade breadrigorously without salt, cut into slices and put to toast into the oven. Once roasted, remove your slice of bread, stroking fresh garlic on one side, and sprinkle it with your new extra virgin olive oil.

tuscan olive oil roads

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