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To organize a one-day trip to Florence, the problem is where to start. Here are our suggestions for a trip in the city of Renaissance, with the indication of those that we believe are the most important and must-see attractions. From Castiglione della Pescaia, where the Molinaccio Residential Villas are located, you will easily reach the city of Florence by car or comfortably by train departing from Grosseto. Once you arrive at Florence station, dedicate the morning for a walk in the city center. First stop at Santa Maria Novella square, where you can admire the splendid basilica whose facade is a true masterpiece of Renaissance art, with its characteristic white and green marbles. Inside you will see the splendid stained-glass windows and the chapels with paintings from Lippo Lippi, the Crucifix by Brunelleschi and the Crucifix by Giotto.

From Santa Maria Novella, head to the most famous church in Florence, the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, famous for the Brunelleschi Dome, the largest ever built in masonry. Next to the Duomo stands Giotto’s Bell Tower and in front of it, the Baptistery of San Giovanni Battista. Without dwelling too much, you can then go to the nearby market of San Lorenzo, in front of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, recognizable by the unfinished facade that had been assigned to Michelangelo. The outdoor market is recommended for buying artisan products, especially leather goods. After having lunch in one of the typical Florentine trattorias, visit the Uffizi Gallery, perhaps the most famous museum in Italy. We advise you to reserve to avoid the long queues at the entrance. At the Uffizi in Florence you will see spectacular works such as the Birth of Venus and Botticelli’s Spring, the Annunciation by Leonardo Da Vinci, the Tondo Doni by Michelangelo, the Venus of Urbino created by Tiziano, the corridor and the rooms dedicated to Caravaggio, Giotto, Masaccio, Filippo Lippi and Piero della Francesca. Before leaving, reserve some time for shopping and to enjoy the view from Ponte Vecchio, the most famous bridge over the Arno in the city of Florence, populated by goldsmiths and craftsmen’s shops.

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