Maremma Natural Park

marmema natural park

Genuine The Maremma Natural Park will surprise you with wild animal and beautiful landscapes, with indigenous plants and herbs of strong color grading and intense aromas.

The protected area of Maremma Natural Park is in the south of Tuscany, in the province of Grosseto. It encloses a wide and diversified land, from the Uccellina Mountains to the coast of Principina a Mare, passing through the Ombrone river, up to Talamone. The hills descend towards the sea, where, among pine forests and dense Mediterranean brushes, gold-sand beaches open to the sea.

Marina di Alberese is the easiest reachable beach, while the more difficult to access is Cala di Forno; here you can only arrive after a long walk, but you will be rewarded by one of the most beautiful secret beaches in Italy where you might even find yourself taking a bath with deer. Another spectacular beach is Collelungo, a true quite paradise, enclosed by rocky paths.

The Maremma Natural Park will also entertain you with panoramic views over cultivated fields and farms. You will be enchanted by horses running free and by the herds of Maremma cows recognizable by the typical lyre-shaped horns. These cows are raised wild, controlled in their movements by the Buttero, the shepherd on horseback who is considered a sort of Maremma cowboy. In the Park, the animals live in their natural habitat and it will not be difficult for you to come across foxes, wild boars, badgers, roe deer, porcupines. The protected area is also ideal for birdwatchers who will be able to observe many types of birds.

You will have the opportunity to visit the Maremma Natural Park following the marked trails by trekking and Nordic waking, but also by bike, bringing your own or renting one at the Visitor Center in Alberese.

Horseback riding, with an equestrian guide, is another fun and enjoyable way to get to know the Maremma Natural Park. Some routes can be explored by carriage, which will allow you to get closer to wild animals and observe without scaring them. You can also discover this reserve by canoe, along the Ombrone river, or by walking with nice donkeys. On the official website of the Maremma Natural Park’s Authority, are available detailed information and offers.

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