Monte Amiata

monte amiata

A hike in the woods, a visit to the characteristic medieval villages, good food: there is always a good reason to choose Monte Amiata, an ancient extinct volcano that offers itself to visitors in many different facets, in every period of the year.

In summer, you can escape the heat by resting in the shade of beech trees or trekking in the woods following one of the several trails available, such as those of Monte Amiata Wildlife Park, a protected area in which to spot many animals in their natural habitat: fallow deer, roe deer, deer, mouflon and chamois. Another itinerary is the one in Garden of Daniel Spoerri, a beautiful park that hosts contemporary art installations.

When spring comes, relax at the Spa or organize a tour of castles and abbeys including the fortresses of Arcidosso and Piancastagnaio, or the two extraordinary abbeys of San Salvatore and Sant’Antimo. The ancient villages are another interesting destination on Monte AmiataSanta Fiora is worth seeing, with the Peschiera Park and the spectacular springs of Fiora river, as well as the towns of ArcidossoCastel del PianoSeggiano and Roccalbegna.

Autumn is the time of food and wine festivals and the discovery of the typical flavors of Monte Amiata. The calendar of events that animate the villages on the mountain from September to November is very busy. Olive oilchestnutswinemushrooms and pumpkins triumph on the tables of the Autumn Festivals in PiancastagnaioArcidossoSanta FioraCastell’Azzara and Abbadia San Salvatore.

In winter the Amiata dresses in white. With the arrival of snow, the ski slopes open and alternative activities begin. If you are not a skier, you can still wear snowshoes and walk among the old trees until you reach the winter houses on the summit of Monte Amiata, just under the Cross. Here you can taste delicious steaming polenta with deer.

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