Terme di Saturnia

terme di saturnia

Visiting Saturnia you will experience unforgettable moments of relax immerse in the Tuscan Maremma. You can choose between two options: free hot springs, called Cascate del Mulino, or elegant and exclusive pools at Terme di Saturnia resort.

Mulino Waterfalls in Saturnia allows you to dive, for free, day and night, at any time of the year. The sulphurous waters have naturally dug into the travertine rock forming small pools. The thermal spring water, the same that feeds the pools of Terme di Saturnia resort, flows at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and, therefore, is pleasantly warm, even in winter. Imagine immersing yourself in these natural pools, with the bottom covered with white pebbles and massaging your back from the water that comes down from the falls.

On the other hand, Terme di Saturnia luxury Spa, one of the most exclusive resorts in Italy, is offering a large number of wellness packages and treatments. The Spa complex consists of swimming poolswhirlpoolsartificial waterfallswater trails, a swimming pool with spring water and a modern wellness center for curative treatments, relaxing massages and therapies. The mud of the waters of Saturnia, naturally rich in thermal plankton, is used in multiple treatments. There are many benefits to the respiratory and circulatory system. On the skin, moreover, the water of the Saturnia Spas has a beneficial antioxidant and exfoliating function.

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