The Tuscan Maremma

the tuscan maremma

The Tuscan Maremma is a pristine land with breathtaking landscapes where the lifestyle is a joy for all senses. There is no specific season when it is best to visit the Tuscan Maremma, every time of the year has its own peculiarities: you can relax at the beach or choose to discover the natural parks, visit ancient cities with a prestigious artistic heritage or simply enjoy the best dishes of Tuscan cuisine stopping by traditional restaurants; all rigorously accompanied by the sophisticated wineselection which has made this region famous throughout the world.

Whatever your passion is, in the Tuscan Maremma you will find the ideal place to pursuit it. Sailing, golf, cycling, horseback riding, fishing: you will be able to practice your favorite sport during all year, under a warm sun, with mild temperatures and a fantastic climate that will allow you to deeply enjoy your days.

The Molinaccio Residential Villa, in Castiglione della Pescaia, is a privileged lookout point on the Tuscan Maremma coast. From your villa you will experience a unique view over the sea of the Tuscan Archipelago, surrounded by the authentic Mediterranean nature, made of olive trees and aromatic plants.

Imagine waking up, open the window, inhale the Mediterranean air and admire the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. From there, you can spontaneously decide, while having breakfast, the destination for your day; whether to go to the beach, to take a horse ride or to visit a wine cellar, it is only up to you. You will be enchanted by the beaches of golden sand framed by the pine forest, the clear blue sea and the scents of the Mediterranean vegetation.

You can also decide to leave the coast to have a ride in the countryside of the Tuscan Maremma which, in summer, lights up with the dazzling tones of the wheat ears and sunflowers. You can have a stop to visit the European Reserve of Diaccia Botrona, a natural paradise where the pink flamingos rest, before proceeding your journey to the hills, dominated by ancient fortifications.

The Tuscan Maremma is a timeless place yet with solid roots in the ancient civilization of the Etruscans and later of the Romans. There are numerous archaeological sides spread across Maremma which proof this bond: from the ruins of the ancient cities of Vetulonia and Roselle to the necropolis of Sovana. Only in a later stage, the Aldobrandeschi arrived in the Tuscan Maremma, characterizing the medieval architecture with their castles and towers. The Medici and Lorena families lived in these lands too, leaving as legacy the walls of Grosseto city and the reclamation of the malarial marsh around Grosseto.

An unforgettable attraction to not miss in Maremma is the colorful sunset over the sea, with the sky turning pink, orange, purple. Before going back home at evening, stop at the port of Castiglione della Pescaia, waiting for the fishing boats returning to buy fresh fish for dinner. Otherwise, plenty of typical restaurants will be happy to welcome you; there you can taste the best Maremma specialties, like tortelli with meat sauce or stewed wild pig, acquacotta or ribollita.

The Tuscan Maremma is an eternal emotion which will live within you.

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