Project Introduction

VIVETERNA introduces Il Molinaccio Residential Villas complex. Set atop the rolling hills of Castiglione della Pescaia in Southern Tuscany, Il Molinaccio villas‘ six plots span 1,850 square meters and are surrounded by incredible natural beauty, giving you a real taste and flavour of Tuscan life.

“VIVETERNA derives from the Italian words for living and eternal and embodies the essence of what we want you to feel and experience when you stay here - youthful, happy, and full of life.”

Matteo Felicioni (VIVETERNA Founder)

The collection of villas takes its name from the old tower Il Molinaccio which remains on the land. This beautiful ancient building has extraordinary presence and charm. Dating back to the middle ages this tower was used as a look out station and control of the Tuscan coastal territory during the Saracen raids. During the 1800’s the tower was used as a mill for pressing olives and until the 1960’s the land was covered in olive trees.